When COP26 came to Scotland,
this is the noise we made!

Through Autumn 2021, as Glasgow prepared to host the 26th UN Global Climate Summit, a tidal wave of grassroots music making began to grow - adding to the growing international call for radical action on climate change and climate justice. From carnival creations in South London, youth bands in Greater Manchester and nursery children in rural Scotland to Glasgow hip hop and music makers across the globe – all came together to intensify public pressure during COP26, and have some creative fun in the process!

'Enough is Enough’ was composed to invite choirs, community ensembles, musicians, schools and anyone else to add their voice. The song is licensed via the Creative Commons, allowing for adaptation and interpretation and encouraging creativity and individuality from anyone that performs the music. See #MusicForCOP26


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Film and share a version of the song in your own style - or share something new. Anything goes!

Download lyric sheets, notation and more HERE!

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