Get Involved

It couldn’t be easier to join the Let it Grow movement!

All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. LISTEN. Check out ‘Enough is Enough’ on our homepage and get familiar with the song
  2. ADD. Decide what kind of noise you want to add to the mix - whether that’s a 7 part harmony, an elaborate French horn solo, some spoken word or a big fat drum beat. The stage is yours to do whatever you like. You can cover ‘Enough is Enough’ or create something totally new - all contributions are welcome.
  3. RECORD. Make a simple video on your phone (whether this is landscape or portrait will depend on which platform you share it on)
  4. SHARE. Upload your video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - whatever platform you fancy. 
  5. TAG. Please use the hashtag #MusicforCop26 and tag us @LetItGrow_music (twitter & instagram) (facebook). If you don’t tag / hashtag your clip, it won’t be part of this beautiful big tidal wave we are building together!

In a hurry? You can use this text to accompany your clip

I’m making #MusicforCop26 to add my voice and help build public pressure in the lead up to the #COP26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow. Wherever there’s a tree that never grew - let it grow! Follow the project here @letitgrow_music  /


Download lyric sheets, notation and more HERE!

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