We’ve put together some FAQs based on questions that have already come up. If for any reason you don’t find the answers you’re looking for below, please get in touch and we will add the answer to this section.

You can take part however you like: as an individual or as part of a choir or band; using Enough is Enough or another piece of music; as a musician or as a non-musician; singing, speaking or getting creative with imagery. Just follow the 5 simple steps outlined on our Get Involved page.

NOW! This movement requires a snowball effect, so the more people that share film clips early on, the more people will hear about the project and spread the word. Let’s go!

Absolutely! Individual voices are very welcome. Film yourself using your phone either singing, speaking some words or playing an instrument of your choice. Team up with a pal, or a few pals, and come up with some creative ideas between you! We’d also love you to share the project with any musicians or creatives who might like to get involved - and give us some love on socials by liking and sharing what we’re doing. Shout it from the rooftops! Whatever you can contribute is welcomed and appreciated.

The best way to take part is to share your clip online - that way your piece has the potential to reach a bigger audience, whilst at the same time making a visible and valuable contribution to our collective outpouring of music. If you’d prefer to perform something live and in the flesh, please consider organising for someone to film it to share online. Even a 30-second clip will generate impact and interest as the world’s attention turns to COP26.

PS - we’d love to see lots of live clips in the mix!

I’m making #MusicforCop26 to add my voice and help build public pressure in the lead up to the #COP26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow. Wherever there’s a tree that never grew - let it grow! Follow the project here @letitgrow_music  /  @letitgrow.music

Hashtags are important to ensure your clip is visible and contributes to our collective tidal wave of music. Hashtags mean that every uploaded piece will exist under the same, searchable umbrella on the internet, so that we - and anyone else - can watch everyone’s contribution with ease. Simply include the hashtag #MusicforCop26 when you post your clip, and tag @letitgrow_music  /  @letitgrow.music. Without the tag and hashtag, we won’t see and appreciate your contribution - and that would be a real shame!

Yes! But you’ll need to find a way to film your contribution and then share it - whether using a camera or borrowing a smartphone from a friend.

Sure thing! Contributions don’t have to be film clips. If you can upload your audio to Soundcloud, we can then feature it on this website. Sharing and hash tagging on social media will help it reach more people.

Yes! Sign up to our email list here - for regular updates and music highlights

Yes - we are planning to run a live workshop in each of Scotland's major cities, teaching the song, demonstrating how to make films on a smartphone and generally supporting widespread involvement. We also hope to create opportunities for a range of musical performances in Glasgow during COP26. We will film and upload or livestream as many of these as we can, to reach a remote audience. Follow on social media to stay informed.

The song is not for sale, but freely available for all. 

See links on our Downloads page to download it.

Yes - please get in touch and we can send the film file via WeTransfer.

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