Thank you to everyone who has contributed music for COP26 so far! Below is a selection of films from our collective tidal wave, but there are many more that have been shared across facebook, twitter and instagram under #MusicforCOP26. Please check them out and share widely while the conference is still underway in Glasgow.

If you've not got involved yet - there's still time! We'd love to see more clips and creativity before this summit is over.

And in a bid to have maximum impact, and keep up the public pressure on world leaders, Let it Grow will culminate with a Mass Sharing of music and messages on Wednesday 10 November across all our social media platforms. So if there is only one thing you have time to do, please jump on social media and share as many of these brilliant, creative messages for world leaders as you can - making sure to tag and hashtag as you go!

Download lyric sheets, notation and more HERE!

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